Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Time To Reshoot The Missing Doctor Who Adventures

I recently had a letter in Doctor Who Magazine, concerning the missing episodes.

Basically, as all fans know, there are plenty of episodes from the 1960s which have gone missing - the BBC junked a lot of episodes. But is there a way to bring them back?

This autumn, to mark the 50th annoversary, the BBC will show An Adventure In Space And Time, which is about the creation of, and early days of, the programme. The original cast will be potrayed by David Bradley (as William Hartnell), Jamie Glover (as William Russell), Jessica Raine (as Jacqueline Hill) and Claudia Grant (as Carole Ann Ford).

And seeing that they will deal with the filming of some early adventures led me to think - why not go further?

In the Hartnell era there are some stories that have no surviving episodes according to current knowledge:

  • Marco Polo (Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman)
  • Mission To The Unknown (the only adventure in which the Doctor and companions don't appear)
  • The Myth Makers (Vicki, Steven Taylor, Katarina)
  • The Massacre Of St Bartholomew's Eve (Steven, Dodo Chaplet)
  • The Savages (Steven, Dodo)
  • The Smugglers (Ben Jackson, Polly)

Why not reshoot Marco Polo with Bradley, Glover, Raine and Grant playing the TARDIS crew? It will not be exact, but this will be the nearest modern fans will come to see the original adventure.

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