Thursday, 25 July 2013

Graham The Karate Kid

Walking back from the GP, I passed a stall in Shirley precinct, for a special membership offer (£20 for 4 months) for a local karate club. I had spoken to the man, Steve, at the stall a few weeks back, and told him I would decide whether to join or not.

When I was at secondary school, PE lessons were mainly football, rugby, cricket and gymnastics. Very focussed on the best - we had some tennis lessons which were the 8 best sportsmen in the year playing doubles on the two courts, with the rest of us being able to learn by observing only.

None of these really interest me. I am liking squash - despite not being good at it. Swimming was something we did in the first year, with the wonderful logic that you can huniliate a non-swimmer into suddenly becoming a good swimmer. But free from the school lessons, it is something I do from time to time.

So I saw the karate and thought "why not?". Completely out of leftfield for me. Not something I have any experience of. Doubt I'll ever get a yellow belt. Either I'll enjoy it and continue or I'll decide it's not for me.

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