Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why I Wanted To Be A Deer

Yesterday late afternoon, after a church service, I walked up to North Baddesley to deliver some Christmas cards. An interesting journey as pavements vanish and one is left walking along grass verges. Wet, slippy grass verges.

Cards delivered, and time to walk back. You don't have to get very far from North Baddesley before it become quite rural. And, walking down Rownhams Lane, to the left of me there was a rustling noise and the sight of a deer leaping off away from me.

Thankfully there was a fence, as at least that meant it couldn't leap in the direction of traffic.

I was a bit annoyed with myself for unintentionally scaring it.

As I was walking along I was thinking that if only I could have become a deer, then I could have reassured it that it didn't need to be scared of me.

Of course, if I had simply become a deer, then I would no longer be human, and not able to share my human knowledge with it. What would be needed would be for me to find a way to be fully deer and fully human.

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