Saturday, 25 June 2016

Looking For The "No English" Shop

One thing I have seen on a Facebook discussion group is that there is a Polish shop in Shirley which has a "No English" sign up, and that English people have been ushered out.

Cue, the whole it's an f-ing outrage, and the we speak English here.

Further details on the discussion of this outrage is that it is "opposite the police station" and "next to the church".

This is what the old Shirley police station looks like when it's tipping down:

So, let's cross over Shirley High Street and see what the view is. What is there opposite the police station? Let's look up the road.

There we have Santo Lounge, the old Barclays' and the old vaping centre. Just off Santo is Shirley Avenue, where my gran lived for the last 20 years of her life.

If we look down the road, we have:

So, there we have it, the incident was at the Polish shop "opposite the police station" and "next to the church".

Which is, er, cunningly disguised as laser hair removal salon. Those pesky Poles! Don't they have a wicked sense of humour. Go in to have your nose hair dealt with and before you know it, you've bought biała kiełbasa.

OK, I'll be charitable and assume that by "opposite the police station" the racist troublemonger friend of a friend of a.......a friend of those ushered out might have meant it happened in Villiers Road.

Nope. Nothing remotely Polish there.

I was thinking about this, and on my way home passed by 2 Polish shops. Maybe "opposite the police station" meant "along from the police station".

Malinka has no such sign, and I popped in - no signs like that inside either.

So I went on and tried Baltic Foods. Again, no such signs.

All that research made me thirsty. So I went in and bought a can of coke - served in English, chatted with staff in English.

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