Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jump Around

Today is not going well, thanks to the Migraine Monster clambering in through my bedroom window during the night and putting my head in a clamp.

Living in a block of flats, there is the problem of noise. And the flat above is very noisy.

The boy in the flat is about 8 or 9 and lives with his mum. And from him there is a lot of noise. Running around, shouting...

And the jumping.




I appreciate he has energy to get rid off - so why can't his mum take him to one of the local parks for a runaround?

The jumping is at the right noise frequency to make any headache or migraine worse.

This can go on beyond midnight, which brings me to the real problem.

On many evenings I hear this going on, the running around, jumping and shouting, and I cannot sleep while it goes on, even when wearing earplugs. And the thing is, there doesn't sound like an adult there. OK, one evening this week I did hear his mum yelling at him to stop and go to bed (this was around 1/2 past 11), and I realised how rare this is. He ignored her and carried on.

But I have noticed this pattern - him running around, jumping, shouting, with no sound of any adult there. Then hearing the front door of the block of flats open and shut some point between 1/2 past 11 and 1/2 past midnight. Then the sound of the same with the door of the flat above. A woman's voice and him stopping shortly afterwards. If he is getting to bed that late on a school night, then his education is going to suffer.

Something is clearly not right.

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