Thursday, 6 November 2014

Voters Prefer Oxford - Why Labour Should Keep Its Leader

If some reports are to be believed, then there is discontent with Ted Miliband's leadership of the Labour party.

However, there is one thing that Ted has in his favour - he is a graduate of the world's greatest university, Oxford University. And not just any old college, but its greatest college - Corpus Christi, where he was in the year above me.

If we look at the general elections of the past 60 years, then we see an interesting pattern:

Election Conservative Labour Winner
Leader University Leader University
May 1955 Anthony Eden Oxford Clement Attlee None Conservative
October 1959 Harold Macmillan Oxford Hugh Gaitskell Oxford Conservative
October 1964 Alec Douglas-Home Oxford Harold Wilson Oxford Labour
March 1966 Edward Heath Oxford Labour
June 1970 Conservative
February 1974 Labour
October 1974 Labour
May 1979 Margaret Thatcher Oxford James Callaghan None Conservative
June 1983 Michael Foot Oxford Conservative
June 1987 Neil Kinnock University College of South Wales & Monmouthshire Conservative
April 1992 John Major None Conservative
May 1997 Tony Blair Oxford Labour
June 2001 William Hague Oxford Labour
May 2005 Michael Howard Fenland Polytechnic Labour
May 2010 David Cameron Oxford Gordon Brown Edinburgh Conservative

As is clear, every time the people have a choice between an Oxford or non-Oxford Prime Minister, they choose the Oxford one.

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