Saturday, 19 July 2014

One God Further - Anarchism Shows The Flaw In An Atheist Argument

I am sure that most of my readers support the political ideology that can be summed up as liberal democracy. Now, I don't mean supporting the Liberal Democrats, but that basic model of Western politics which has its emphasis on democracy and the rule of law.

Now take the anarchist. He will, like the person who has been brainwashed into supporting liberal democracy (which saturates society, with - and this is shocking - people being appointed to the House of Lords as representatives of certain sub-ideologies within the broad umbrella of liberal democracy), reject fascism and communism, but will go one ideology further - he will reject liberal democracy.

The thing is, the anarchist rejects fascism and communism for completely different reasons to those of the believer in liberal democracy. For the former, it is because he rejects all political ideologies; for the latter, it is because he has a strong belief that there is a political ideology that works, that is essential to the running of a free society, and that liberal democracy is an exclusive ideology, with fascism and communism being incompatible with its values.

We often hear an atheist argument that, like Christians, they are atheists with regards to Ra etc. but just go one god further.

As a Christian, Jesus makes an exclusivity claim. He is not there to be added on to existing ideologies (and I appreciate that there is a lot of syncretism around, and that even churches can play along with syncretism). Jesus is not there as another holy man, orbiting a central god with Buddha orbiting over there. Jesus is uniquely God.

A Christian rejects Ra because of Jesus's claim to exclusivity - Ra-worship is incompatible with being a Christian.

An atheist also rejects Ra, but for completely different reasons. That is because he rejects any deity.

This "we just go one god further" argument sounds plausible until you actually examine it in detail.

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