Friday, 17 January 2014

Why Does It Feel Like Only A Mug Would "Do The Right Thing"?

I am still jobhunting and I have looked at that annoying 10 week gap from the summer. That job fell through - the recruitment agency was withholding key information and providing me false information, and when I made clear to the relevant jobsworth that I did not wish to talk to her due to her consistently providing false information to me and withholding information, she withdrew the offer in a fit of pique. Sadly her Compliance Manager believes all her actions in this respect were simply accidental.

My reply was to explain to the Compliance Manager that the jobsworth had been consistently dishonest.

And yesterday was a trip to another recruitment agency, and a similar problem. After all, a 10-week gap could mean anything.

There is one thing that grates with the argument that "well, you could have been incarcerated". Because it shows an ignorance on their part.

Assume for a moment that this 10-week gap was at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Well, firstly the agency does a CRB check - and do they seriously think that somehow time spent banged up inside would not appear on this?

Secondly, they say they would have to get a letter from the Jobcentre. Well, if someone had been in prison, then when leaving they would go on the Work Programme. And the Jobcentre wouldn't mention it?

Online I found a phone number for their Head Office. The first woman I spoke to simply explained it's a matter for the Jobcentre not for them (?) but gave me a number for their new Head Office (I had an old number, which is now simply one of their offices). And the lady I spoke to there explained that failure to be paid Jobseekers Allowance (?) is a matter for HM Revenue & Customs to deal with (??)

As I do not suffer prats gladly, I hung up.

What I find annoying is this - for those 10 weeks, I was not jobhunting due to my health. My decision to Do The Right Thing and not claim JSA now has this effect. Yet if I had chosen to be dishonest, claim JSA when I didn't meet the requirements and committed benefit fraud I would not have that 10-week gap and they could register me. Because I decided not to do that, their rules mean that they cannot register me.

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