Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Leaving My Job

Today, I took a step I was thinking of for a few days - I quit my job.

Now, there is a background. I have written of times I have been taken ill back in late January and late February.

Since then, to be honest, my health has been bad, almost as if my immune system is weakened, as I have been laid low often. I'm not into "manflu", and in the job I had for over 7 years in Basingstoke, I was hardly off ill, normally coming in even if unwell. I am not a person who has "sickies" or "duvet days". Indeed, often when I've had a day ill, I have set out and turned round.

The problem with contracting is that it is a different sort of pressure - you stay and get x cases done. And to be honest, to do that you have to be well. If unwell, then you are slower, you stay later and get home later, have less sleep, which doesn't do getting better any good.

And this has been Andover. If you look at the rail map, then it is a fiddly journey, either via Basingstoke or Salisbury from Southampton Central. And it seems to be tight connections, with a journey being around an hour. I can remember days of when I could walk to a workplace.

So, really I am looking for something local - or at least with a quick connection to Southampton Central with no fiddly connections.

I want to go back to a 9ish to 5ish job. I see friends put on Facebook things they have done, and I recall things called evenings - or as I ended up calling them later travelling periods.

Connected to this, eating tended to be a quick microwave meal at work. Yes, I did ensure I bought healthy stuff from Waitrose or Marks & Spencer, and made sure I kept my fruit and vegetable intake up with those snacks they do at Asda as well. But this isn't the healthy eating of getting a meal and putting it in an oven.

So, a bit of time out, hopefully get my health sorted out, before looking again.

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