Sunday, 25 November 2012

Does Christ The King Have A Prime Minister?

Ecclesiologically I am not an Anglican. I worship at an Evangelical Free church, having left the Church of England (or more precisely, having stopped worshipping at an Anglican church) last autumn.

But I still use Common Worship in my daily prayer. And today brings us to Christ The King.

The Bible readings for today- Dan 7:9-14, John 18:33-37 and Rev 1:4-8- emphasise Jesus's Kingship.

From Daniel's vision of the Son of Man (Jesus's term for Himself), to the Apostle John's encounter with Jesus, and Jesus informing Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world, we have this clear message- Jesus is a King, and His kingdom is one that lasts forever.

I wonder what goes through people's minds when we think of Him as King? And whether that changes depending on whether we live in a republic or monarchy.

In medieval times, when the King's word was law, unconstrained by Parliament, then there must have been a clear understanding of what Christ as King meant. He says it, it happens. He commands us, we do it.

It is often said that the Queen reigns but does not rule. Basically, the Royal Prerogative is exercised by a Government accountable to an elected Parliament, and the Government takes actions in her name.

Is this the same in the Church? That ministers and pastors exercise authority in Christ's Name? As His Government or as His civil servants?

What does it mean for the Church to recognise Christ as her King?

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